Monday, October 27, 2008

Ok so this is my first composition for Batman Returns. I really like the idea of starting off the title sequence with the viewer zooming through a cave like tunnel. (One of my goals in my creative brief was to incorporate the watchers with the sequence) In the actually title sequence, it starts off with the birth of the penguin, which is extremely boring. I want the music to start and have the viewers zooming and twisting towards the names and title.
Visually, this composition is ok, it needs a little more. The bats should be black with white highlights from the light, but I should also incorporate the shadows to prove just how round the tunnel actually is. How does the typeface look? This is the one that I finally picked (with help from Jen), and I really like the weight in the letters.


Jenn said...

THis one is AMAZING!!! I love it! It is exact what the viewer would want to see. Action/ suspense = batman. I think you should treat the returns in the same manor as you did in the second comp. in position. The type in the second one is very solid and works. So ya just the position on 'Returns' is the only suggestion I have on this one. I still think this one is amazing!

krista said...

This typeface will need to stay big if you are using it for moving image. Because the stroke can be so thin - it will actually disappear in a moving format because of the flicker of the moving image. Therefore - it needs to be big so that there is some dimension to its width.