Thursday, October 16, 2008

Creative Brief

Project Details
Date: 10/15/2008
Prepared by: Amber Schneider
Project Name: Batman Returns Title Sequence
Design Lead:
Hand-off to Production: 10/13/2008
Product Release: 11/12/2008

Project Concept:
The value of this project is not primarily a business one, it is more for an entertainment purpose. Having this title sequence will better the viewing experience of movie watchers everywhere.

*To show characters, not just shapes
*keep the viewer on the edge of their seat (music will help)
*Make the title sequence visually appealing
*to set the tone for the way the movie starts off

The primary audience for this project would be young adults and adults. These individuals are interested in action movies with suspense. The secondary audience would be kids younger or adults over the age of 50. These viewers are watching this product because of love of the character or because they are judging the movie to that of old and better movies.

I want the overall visual quality/tone of this project to be suspenseful and thrilling. I want viewers to think that they are actually involved in the movie. This would appeal to my target audience because this is what they want to see.

In order to create the perception/tone and fulfill my overall project objectives I plan on following my schedule and finish everything on time. I will take critiques very seriously and accept help by my classmates and teachers.

Competitive Landscape:
Some competitive products might be movies like: Superman, Ironman, Spiderman etc. In order to work competitively against them I am planning on watching all of there title sequences to create something lively.

Single-Minded Message:
nananananananananana BATMAN!!

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Jenn said...

Nicely written... are you going to use film clips or vectors? You have a good mind set to work from so far.